You’ve been to Olympus, seen Ra and fallen in love with Thor, experienced karma and achieved Nirvana.

But you have never watched or read anything about ancient Turkish-Mongolian mythology.

It's a universe based on the steppe culture of Middle Asia filled with  Shamanism, Tengrism and Animalism;   trees, caves and rivers are also gods just like the Tengri, even your deceased grandfather is a god. 

It’s a land in which:
• Cutting a tree is a bigger felony than murdering a human being; 

• No births, weddings, deaths or funerals can occur without the presence of a shaman;

• The only way to sleep in tranquility is sharing your prey with the beings of mother earth... 

• It’s a tale that has never been told before...  

In the old Turkish language the word “Boerue” means “wolf" but at the same time it was being used to describe leaders who had the will power to change the fate of nations.

As an animation series, Boerue is about examining the synergy of art, religion and science by asking two important questions: “Who is entitled to posess knowledge?" and “What are the ethical boundaries of science?”

The Northern Khanate places great importance on science as a matter of state principle. When war starts pounding at the nation’s doors Khan and Khanım decide to use extreme chemical and biological weapons to end the war quickly and a period of nationwide regression.

For the sake of scientific progress, the scientists of the Khanate violated the laws of nature and upset the balance of earth itself; because of this the shamans turned their back on scientists.

When the shamans are called by Khan and Khanım to arms, they must choose who to side with; the scientist who violated the laws of nature or the royals who don’t hesitate to use brutal weapons to end the war.
Maybe a new Boerue will manage to end all the conflicts between these divergent societies.

Duman - the youngest element hunter in the history of the Chemistry Academy- wants to complete the element collection that will grant him the privilege to be the pupil of his idol, Opaz Bey.

He can think of nothing but this goal, not even the shamans or the ongoing war, he even disregards his sickness that prevents him to separate reality and fantasy.

His (Duman’s) path crosses with the apprentice shaman Bars and his pet Koza, an ash bear. Although he thinks that spending time with a person who has no real education in science is nonsense, he decides to travel with him because of his need for an ash bear.
Along the way, astronomer Pamir is sent to the element hunters on a secret mission for the Astronomy Academy.